A message from the Director

CBMC_3Greetings and Happy New Year.

Today in a meeting with a dozen businessmen, it was noted that the beginning of a New Year is a great time to revisit our goals. Almost every one there had written personal goals for the New Year. One man revealed this, “When I reviewed my goals I discovered that the first goals I had, centered around my business. In fact, when I reviewed them, seven of my first ten goals were about the business, one was about my wife and our relationship, and towards the end I had a goal about me and God. As I thought about that, I asked myself, “Where is God in them?” I started over with the first goals focused on growing my relationship with God and then asking God; What would you like me to believe are your plans and how I can cooperate with them?” How typical it is for us to think that life starts with us managing our goals. Too often we treat God as if He is the caboose on the train, when in reality, He is the power and the energy that drives and directs the train. Therefore, God needs to be the one providing and managing our goals and we need to follow His lead. With this in mind, let me encourage you to create space in your schedule, to be alone with God and to remember “The Greatest Commandment” to love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength. Mark 12:30. And with that passage in mind, revisit your goals for the year.

The leadership team is excited about this year and the opportunity to cooperate with how God wants us to relate to Him first and then with what He wants to do through us in Orange County and the rest of Southern California. We believe He wants to make a big difference in the marketplace and to see many men joining CBMC and opening new teams and areas. We know there is no possibility of this happening without prayer and the enabling presence of the Spirit of God. We also know it is not possible without the support and involvement of men of faith, believing and trusting God for the impossible.

~ Fred Carpenter


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