Everett Sheely

Recently, Everett Sheely, a swimming pool contractor, gave us a peek into his story.  Everett told us about God’s grace, unmerited favor, in his life.  When Everett was 18 he was body surfing, got caught in a riptide, was being pounded to death by waves, had no hope of surviving and prayed “Jesus help me.”  That event started him on a journey to answer the question “What would happen if I took my last breadth and died?  Would it be darkness? Etc..”    Everett came to Christ through casual friends inviting him to a place where the truth of God and the love of God was taught.  Everett went on to share how he got married, had kids, got involved in youth ministry, and how God’s grace helped him as his wife of 25 years died from cancer.  He shared stories of her seeing angels, him telling her of heaven, having a passion for scripture, working in orphanages in Haiti, demonstrating excellence in his business which came from a framework of Godly character and integrity, and of God giving him a new wife and family.  Everett also told us that he regularly ask people he meets if he can tell him his story.  He also gave us a few examples: Like the muslim taxi driver he was with, someone he was playing golf with etc.  Everett is excited about life and how God will continue to show His grace in his life.  As he closed he said, “I have a lot of adventures ahead of me.”



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