Goals for 2014



The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 6:23

Gifts come in many forms, and despite what the media tells and sells us, some of the very best gifts are things that are not bought.  The gift of time, friendship, counsel, hope and prayer are some examples.  My prayer is that this year, you receive and give many such gifts, and that they help us all to grow the kingdom of God and grow closer to Jesus Christ.

The leadership team is excited about the future of CBMC and the expanded opportunities we have, to lead people to Christ and make a difference in the market-place.   Here are a few examples.

★   New & existing members are working toward starting 4 new city teams in the first quarter of 2014.  Our goal is 15 by the end of the year.  And my dream is to have a city team within 15 minutes of where members live or work.

★ That each new city team leads to a new forums team.

★  That 20 new members will complete the Connect 3 training by June and 60 by December.

★  That our new web site “CBMCsocal.com” and calendar is operational by January 6th .

★ That 50% of our members participating in Operation Timothy

★  That our Lord gives each CBMC member personal dreams and visions of how they are to make a difference for Christ.

Thank you for your generosity this year.  Your prayers, counsel, time, participation and financial support make the difference.  Without them, we will not have the eternal impact we anticipate for 2014.

As you see, God has called us to a bigger vision for the CBMC ministry in Southern California.   This requires more personal and financial support.  Pray that God leads many to participate and give generously.  We need $332,000 this year for the support and expansion of CBMC.  Commitments and sources for $187,000 are already in place.  Will you help fill this gap?

Thank you for your support of CBMC.  Please ask the Lord how He would specifically guide you to participate in bringing God’s love and greatest gift to more and more people in our market-place.

Yours in Christ
Fred Carpenter