Fred Carpenter

Fred is a former banker, former MVP and captain of Occidental college football teams, all American, National Champion and held an unofficial world best in the Javelin. He has helped build numerous non-profits and was the director of Athlete’s In Actions track and field team helping to develop them into an international organization with 45 staff and over 400 nationally and internationally ranked athletes and hundreds of volunteers.  Fred has also served as a member of the Executive and Leadership teams for History’s Handful, Impact XXI, Lift Up America and The Mentor’s Forum engaging owners and heads of industry and  professional sports teams, as well as,  military, education, government and entertainment/media leaders.   He was part of a team that helped raise a billion dollars over ten years and increased CCC’s evangelistic exposures per year from 200 million to 1.4 billion.  Fred has served as a chaplain at numerous World, Olympic, U.S., NCAA and other championships.  He has also hosted and directed numerous events targeting distinguished visitors and VIP’s on Nuclear Aircraft Carriers, Racing Nascars,  Movie Premiers, Superbowl, National Championship, Military,  Government and Educational events.

Fred has a heart for working with influencers and leaders.  Originally, Fred left banking because he discovered athletes were one of the three most influential groups in the world – the other two being politicians and media personalities.

Fred was ranked in the top 50 throwers in the U.S. for nearly 20 years and leveraged his athletics to go places and influence people most churches could not touch.  Fred moved from working with athletes to working with owners and heads of industry and professional teams in 1998 as part of History’s Handful, a strategy involving the million dollar donors of Campus Crusade for Christ.  His role was to challenge leaders to give their L.I.F.E (labor, influence, finances and expertise.  More concerned with leadership then money he became a part of Impact XXI (influencing the top 100 influencers in each country, state and community), Lift Up America and The Mentors Forum.  Fred has taken over 1200 athletes, business and professional leaders overseas on numerous outreach and ministry trips.


In 1982 he married Sheila Smith, Auburn University’s first women All-American and woman to receive an athletic scholarship. Sheila has also won numerous National Masters Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu Championships and is a 3rd  degree black belt. Fred held an unofficial world best in the javelin until a competitors throw beat him on the last throw.  He was also one of the 70 members selected to U.S. Track and Field advisory committee for a decade.